NH Forest Products

Rough Sawn NH Lumber

Robblee Tree offers rough sawn lumber for all your building needs. We specialize in wide pine boards.

What is rough sawn lumber? Rough sawn lumber is lumber that has not been dressed and has surface imperfections caused by the initial sawing operation. Our in stock sizes are 1 inch thick, from 4 to 12 inches wide and 4 to 16 feet long. Custom sizes are available on order. All of our rough sawn lumber is air dried.

1 Inch Boards
Wide Pine
Dimensional Wood

Green & Seasoned NH Firewood

We offer sustainably harvested local firewood by the cord. Green and Seasoned Dry Cords are available year round.  Please call Robblee Tree Service for prices, availability and delivery fees. We are located in Antrim, NH.

nh cut firewood